When you do a Google search for something, what usually comes up at the top of the page? If you’re like most people, it’s a website. What makes websites rank higher than others is SEO or search engine optimization. This article will go through why SEO is important to your company strategy.

What Is SEO?
The Oxford Dictionary defines SEO as “the action or set of actions (SEO tactics) undertaken to increase the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (organic) search results.”

What does this mean? When you search for a term, over time Google wants to show web pages that are relevant. Search engines do this by collecting data on what users are searching for and then removing the sites that have terrible content. Websites become higher ranked than others based on two main categories:



1. Link Popularity – Links are how people navigate around the internet. If one person links to another website, it’s considered valuable and trustworthy. If you earn a link on a highly ranked website, your website will rank higher too.



2. Content Quality – This comes down to the main reason why search engines exist: users looking for stuff and finding it! Google wants their users to find what they need as quickly as possible and for that reason, they are constantly updating their formulas so new websites don’t crowd out the old.


Content marketing is not just blogging. It’s a strategy that combines the tactics of blogging, e-marketing, social media and interactive strategies. What you do on your blog can’t be separate from everything else. It’s all part of how your company engages with its audience, brand and customers.

Why Does SEO Matter?
When you run an online business, it’s important to know what people are searching for right now so you can rank higher than others when they search. If you tell people about a new product or service and they don’t find it, all that effort is wasted. Ideally, when someone searches for something on the internet they are looking for something related to your product or service. If you tell them about it, but they don’t find it, you’ve wasted your time and money.

SEO can help businesses identify what people are searching for now and what they plan to search for going forward. You can see the links that other websites have pointed to your site so you know you’re not missing out on traffic. To look at it another way, in the eyes of a search engine, other websites are already ranked higher than yours because of where their links come from. When people click on them, they go to your website!

Google also uses “moonshot” tactics to keep track of the websites that are doing well so Google knows how important SEO is. If you’re not doing your part, your ranking will suffer.

What Is The Difference Between Content Marketing and SEO?
There are many kinds of content marketing, but they all have a general goal in common: to bring traffic to your website. If you can further that goal with timely and useful content that’s relevant to your target audience, you’re furthering your SEO strategy. Don’t forget that links can be earned from just about anything on the internet – even social media!

Why is Content Good For PPC?
One of the most important aspects of content marketing is its power for paid advertisements (PPC) campaigns. Good content on your website gets you indexed by search engines, which elevates your PPC campaign.

What is PPC? PPC stands for pay-per-click. These are paid advertisements that are targeted to an individual person’s search query. The “pay” part means the company paying to promote a product or service through a Google AdWords campaign will pay only when someone clicks on the ad and buys the product or service. The “click” part refers to how many people actually see it and buy the product or service.

Why is SEO Important? [Example 1]
Let’s say a person searches for “traffic lights in London.” This search question looks for websites that are specific to traffic lights in London. It’s a question that is very specific to the topic of traffic lights in London. There isn’t much competition so you’re going to get a high search volume and it will be easy for your website to rank. You might even get in front of many people who are looking for traffic lights in London!

If you’re not doing anything with SEO, your website can easily rank on page one of the Google search results. The more people come to your website from a search query, the more people see it and click on it, which means you’ll make money.

Why is SEO Important? [Example 2]
Let’s take that same traffic light example but this time let’s say someone searches for “traffic” When they search for traffic lights, the website will appear before you. This time, the keywords are more general and there is more competition so your website may not rank on page one. All of the search volume might still be focused in your area, but not everyone comes from a search question in that area.

You don’t want to rank on Page 1 if you’re not going to get any traffic and establish yourself as an authority in that space. The reason people often miss this point is because they are focused on keyword-driven marketing. In this example, you might choose not to rank in position one because traffic is more general than traffic lights in London. You might go after a search term like “traffic light installation” instead.

As you can see, there is a higher level of difficulty involved in ranking when you’re going after more general keywords because it’s so competitive. If you don’t rank high enough and they click on another website’s result instead, what was the point?