There are plenty of tools out there to help you make sure that people don’t have anymore excuses about why they can’t find a business. One of those great tools is google my business.

Google has made some really great changes in the past few years, as well as how businesses are listed on search engines. This is huge for your success because it allows Google to find the most accurate listing for your business! If you need an example then just take a look at my website again and see what happened after I submitted it! Plus if you click through from this article on to my website you will see that with six clicks I have already had more than 40% of my website indexed!

I’m sure that we all know how to promote our brand on the internet, but google fast and free tools make it easier for businesses like ours to do so in a quicker and more efficient manner. We originally got our business listed on google my business by paying a monthly fee which allowed us to be indexed in search results with our headings and sub headings (i.e. the title we are using on our website). After being listed, we realized that we needed to have the page titles and descriptions perfect if they were to appear in search results. I don’t know about you, but listing my website as :

seems a little bit impersonal and doesn’t really tell the people who use their search engine what we do! So we decided to check out semantic web and see what google had done there! That is where I discovered that GoogleMy Business is:

The easiest way for your business to get listed in google search results where your business will be seen by a much bigger audience.

The easiest way to show the world what your business is all about, because from the title of this article you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is the best part of GoogleMyBusiness because it allows you to change the way your business is presented in Google search results, and showcases what it really offers. So if you want more people to know that you sell cars, then make sure it reflects that on your google my business page.

Most importantly, it allows you to get your listing on google, making it easier for people to find you.

Alright, now that I have convinced you why you should use GoogleMy Business I’ve decided to show you how it can benefit your business in some more ways:

#1 It will make it easier for people to find you on google (see #1 above). You can now use the title which fits your business and change the only thing that search engines know about your company. You don’t have to change anything else about what makes up the rest of your site like the images or the product descriptions! And if they do want information then they can click directly through from here on out.

#2 You can use the title of your business to change what search engines know about you. I’m sure that many people have noticed that Google is making it more and more difficult for businesses to get listed by using irrelevant keywords to describe what they do. Now I am not saying that Google is right or wrong in doing this, but it seems like they are making it more difficult for people to find those businesses which don’t have a website. Google knows this of course and that is why they have made this tool called GoogleMyBusiness, so now when people search for businesses near them they can find you rather than waiting for your website to appear in their search results!

#3 There is free advertising! Ever heard of the term “Local SEO?” Well now you know it because that is what GoogleMyBusiness provides. It allows businesses to advertise free without having to pay for an Adwords campaign. It’s just like having an Adwords campaign on your own without having to spend hundreds of pounds.

#4 You can now get the same results as a business that has a website. This is a really great way to demonstrate to potential customers that your business really deserves to get listed in search results. So it makes sense now why you should use GoogleMyBusiness if you’re running a retail business, but what if you don’t have a website? Well I can’t say exactly how this works because I also don’t have a website, but we used my full computer name for our listing as well as the company name we use for our website to get us listed on GoogleMyBusiness. This alone was able to get us listed for our business on the first search query.

So why are you not using GoogleMyBusiness? It’s the easiest way to get your business noticed and make sure that you can get it listed on google search results, but if you still have any concerns or questions then please feel free to comment below and ask.

GoogleMyBusiness is the perfect tool for small businesses to get listed on Google, but I think that the best part about it is that it allows you to get your business listing and ready to be seen by a much larger audience in a quicker manner. Instead of having to wait weeks or even months just for your business website rankings to turn up, GoogleMyBusiness now makes it easier for businesses like ours.