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The Cleaning Doc

The brief

The Cleaning Doc is a high-end designer dry cleaner based in the west midlands. They come to us asking for an upgrade of their digital assets.

They wanted to drive their product and service to the higher end market. 

The Solution

After spending a lot of time researching the sector and what OneSpot could offer The Cleaning Doc to drive their brand and identity. 

We overhauled producing a brand new website and upgraded their social through imagery and video. 


Branding    Social Design   Social Video   Website 

Behind the scenes

Social Imagery


Behind the scenes, imagery was taken instead of using stock imagery to represent the unique clothing they work with and methods taken.  

OneSpot took a load of imagery to be used for both social and website imagery. 

Social Imagery

User Experience

A simple streamlined user experience, which easily dictates where the customer wants to know and where they want to end up.


The booking page is to allow for a full personable response once the form is filled. It allows purposeful clients to then start the customer journey and funnel of the sales process.


A simple clean design to allow for easy understanding for the user. Using strong real imagery to define the brand.


The user experience is in mind throughout the website. The user experience is to allow a 360 navigation between the website and socials to give a full understanding of the company and what the consumer needs.

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